Vintage & Handmade

"There are, and always have been those who cannot help but see that the world and its experiences are in the nature of a symbol, and that it reflects something that lies hidden in oneself "
- C. G. Jung

I see what we wear as another means of communicating who we are. Adorning oneself with what you love reflects and serves as an expression... symbols of the soul.

I love to hunt, gather, wear, buy, sell and make my house a home with vintage...

Oringinally, from Southern California (LosAngeles) now living in the Northern woods with elbow room, breathing space and four seasons. A wife to my best friend and a proud Mama of four. The days are best spent walking the trails with my loves, hearing their guitars play, listening to her violin carry, listening to his ideas spoken in form of a storybook and hearing the giggles of our sweet little one as he is discovering the world around him.

I have also enjoyed running a mobile shop out of a converted 1966 Winnebago travel trailer. I have painted her with flowers in hopes of chanelling the 60s peace and love vibe.
How it makes me happy to see folks love and carry on the journey of their vintage finds from the shop.

--to all who take the time to stop by and shop
Thank You, Thank you!

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